Technical Training Model

Technical Training Model

Our Elite Technical training programme is a professionally designed model that meets the needs of young technically advanced footballers.

The programme has been introduced by Scott Rimmer (UEFA B / FAYM 1 – 3 / FA Mentoring) and developed by the organisations team of experienced professionals. Scott has over 25 years experience within the coaching industry comprising of spells at Brentford FC and 10 years at Chelsea Football Club. Scott has coached across Europe and within the United States, and successfully supported Chelsea FC’s Talent ID model for 5 years which included the identification of professional footballers to achieve England International honours;

Our successful TPC model has become a key component to our Academy based structure, supporting young Intermediate learners from 7 years of age. Over recent times we have recognised that players at grassroots level are not being taught the skills or understanding to be effective within 1v1 situations, and children are not receiving the appropriate levels of coaching from U6 upwards. We believe there is not enough creative players coming through the junior ranks of football. There are numerous factors for this.

Therefore, our unique specialist programme places emphasis and develops young players within 1v1 situations‘, and does not provide the standard cliche football model offered by many other institutions. Developing game graft and football intelligence comes with repetition.

The underpinning foundation of young players progressing in the game begins with developing confidence, and understanding the following;

  • Whether 5v5 / 7v7 / 9v9 / 11v11 / players deal with an opponent. Young players need to recognise this, adapt to the physical encounters and have the confidence ‘apply’ the techniques.
  • The game pivots around opposed scenarios with players matching up. Can young players recognise their individual opponents and apply tactics to overcome the competition whether in or out of possession
  • Develop confidence to beat an opponent
  • Develop knowledge, techniques and tactics to defend in 1v1 situations
  • Develop skills and tools to be effective in 1v1

‘Our’ observations at grassroots level

  • Defensive players stand too deep because of misguidance
  • Players are not being coached how to defend so they retreat 
  • ‘Lack’ of creativity and creative players

Our Elite Development Unique Perspective

– Encourage Creativity

– Develop Problem Solving

– Improve Application

– Guarantee short term success & development