1 to 1 Coaching

Technical Tutoring

Tailored programmes and 1 – 1 coaching specifically designed for each individual to help develop them technically and physically

We offer tailored coaching programmes and 1 – 1 sports coaching to children & youths who wish to improve and develop while having fun. Therefore, sessions have a strong emphasis with technique to help young people advance within the sport they love as a result.

Sessions are very popular with football, but we are experienced at delivering 1 -1 tutoring sessions for a range of individual and team activities as well as 1 to 1 football coaching due to the diverse nature of our coaching set up.

Our sessions are designed to be fun, dynamic, creative and challenging due to our desire to get the best out of young players.

Above all, each programme will be designed specific to the individual needs and expectations. Activities can therefore include the following;

  • 1v1s – Attacking & Defending Principles
  • Ball Mastery & change of direction
  • Positional Specific Practices
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Agility & speed
  • First Touch
  • Travelling with a ball
  • Shooting/Finishing
  • Passing/Striking Techniques
  • Psychology


My son benefitted hugely from Ultimate Coaching providing him with specific 1 – 1 coaching and training sessions. His improvement was evident and helped him prepare for a trial with a reputable professional club academy as a result. I therefore can’t thank Ultimate Coaching enough for the platform they provided my son to succeed.’

Judy Hayes (Parent)

Finally, our programmes provide:

  • Fun Learning Environments
  • Evaluation/Progress Reports
  • Affordable & Flexible Terms
  • Fantastic Training Locations
  • Suited for children of all abilities
  • UEFA/FA/NGB L2 Qualified Development Coaches
  • Potential Pathways to Academy Football & Elite Sport

Finally, our fees range from £35 – £45 per session due to being based on location, facility and number of sessions:
1 – 3 sessions @ £45.00 per session (Includes evaluation)
4+ sessions @ £40.00 per session (Includes evaluation)
10 sessions @ £35.00 per session (Includes evaluation)

Prices are inclusive of VAT.

To find out more information or to book your child into a programme near to you, please contact us on 01483 488212 or email scott@ultimate-coaching.co.uk. You can also book online and take a look at our other products here