1 to 1 Coaching

1 -1 Coaching & Technical Tutoring

Tailored programmes specifically designed for each individual to help develop improve technically and physically

We offer tailored coaching programmes and 1 – 1 sports coaching to children who wish to improve areas of their game. Fun interactive sessions have a strong emphasis with movement literacy, agility, speed and technique.

Sessions are very popular with football, but we are experienced at delivering 1 -1 tutoring sessions for a range of individual and team activities.

Our sessions are very popular and designed to be fun, dynamic, creative and challenging.

Activities include the following;

  • 1v1s – Attacking & Defending Principles
  • Ball Mastery & change of direction
  • Positional Specific Practices
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Agility & speed
  • First Touch
  • Travelling with a ball
  • Shooting/Finishing
  • Passing/Striking Techniques
  • Confidence & mindset


My son benefitted hugely from Ultimate Coaching providing him with specific 1 – 1 coaching and training sessions. His improvement was evident and helped him prepare for a trial with a reputable professional club academy as a result. I therefore can’t thank Ultimate Coaching enough for the platform they provided my son to succeed.’

Judy Hayes (Parent)

Finally, our programmes provide:

  • Fun Learning Environments
  • Evaluation/Progress Reports
  • Affordable & Flexible Terms
  • Fantastic Training Locations
  • Suited for children of all abilities
  • UEFA/FA/NGB L2 Qualified Development Coaches
  • Potential Pathways to Academy Football & Elite Sport

Finally, our fees range from £35 – £45 per session due to being based on location, facility and number of sessions:
1 – 3 sessions @ £45.00 per session (Includes evaluation)
4+ sessions @ £40.00 per session (Includes evaluation)
10 sessions @ £35.00 per session (Includes evaluation)

Prices are inclusive of VAT.

To find out more information or to book your child into a programme near to you, please contact us on 01483 488212 or email scott@ultimate-coaching.co.uk

Skill Development & 3 Tier Programme

Skill Development & Elite Centres

What is the 3 tier Skill Development Programme?

Our development model has a proven 3-tier framework that is inclusive to all children aged 6 – 12 years. We offer an enrichment programme for Development, Advanced Technical and Elite Pre Academy that offers a clear pathway for all children with aspirations.

The model is based around the principles within 1v1 which encompasses ball mastery, movement literacy, and technical application. We provide the highest level of coaching and instruction to allow learners to thrive and be the best they can be. We encompass every aspect of physical & technical activity, football fitness and mental wellbeing.

The sessions are offered to young players that want to be the best they can be.

  • Each tier designed for the individual learner.
  • Small groups to enable increased coach interventions.
  • More intimate environment for children to improve confidence, develop problem solving, reflect on performance and set personal goals.
  • Exciting & modern curriculum to help players master core skills
  • Small groups ensure maximum ball rolling time and increased touches.
  • More decisions
  • Advanced skills to support Professional Academy aspirationsOur method enables clearer measures of success.

TPC VenuesDaysTimes
Ockham Cricket ClubMondays6pm - 7pm

If you would like more information, please call 01483 488212. A member of our team will be more than happy to help and provide additional information.


We work closely with grassroots teams and school environments in identifying suitable players that possess the technical proficiency and the correct mentality and would therefore benefit from professional football coaching.

Each child that is identified and selected is offered a complimentary session to ensure he/she meets demonstrates the key elements through technical practices, opposed games and small sided game scenarios.


‘’Charlie has been training with the UFA Elite for 12 months now and I have seen a huge improvement in his touch and decision making and his confidence is growing every week. He has really benefitted from the excellent coach to player ratio and the direct and involved coaching. I look forward to watching his progress and growth going forwards ‘’

James Thompson (parent)

Elite Pre Academy Centre

Elite Development Training Centre

We provide a first class Elite Training Centre designed to develop the technically gifted and talented players from U6 – U11.

        Professionally designed Football Curriculum by UEFA B Licence staff and Ex professional footballers

       Unique programme that combines technical profiling with psychological development

       Established talent ID processes to ensure children thrive in environments commensurate to skill level, and receive the necessary feedback and evaluation

Our development programme successfully teaches children to master, demonstrate and execute fundamental skills in opposed game related conditions & environments

Our model offers certain guarantees.

  • We guarantee an All round development experience for all children
  • We strive to measure success and understand definitively where players need to improve.
  • Learn life skills i.e. leadership, working within a group.
  • Unique fun learning environment for local Gifted and Talented boys.

Through our relationships with professional clubs, we are able to develop new pathways for players wishing to play the highest standard possible.

Our Elite Performance Model allows players to receive the very best learning opportunities; away from the training model children are taught the principles of fair play, respect and social skills. Children are taught the importance of self-expression, self-reflection and game understanding.

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