1 to 1 Coaching

Technical Tutoring

Tailored programmes and 1 – 1 coaching specifically designed for each individual to help develop them technically and physically

We offer tailored coaching programmes and 1 – 1 sports coaching to children & youths who wish to improve and develop while having fun. Therefore, sessions have a strong emphasis with technique to help young people advance within the sport they love as a result.

Sessions are very popular with football, but we are experienced at delivering 1 -1 tutoring sessions for a range of individual and team activities as well as 1 to 1 football coaching due to the diverse nature of our coaching set up.

Our sessions are designed to be fun, dynamic, creative and challenging due to our desire to get the best out of young players.

Above all, each programme will be designed specific to the individual needs and expectations. Activities can therefore include the following;

  • 1v1s – Attacking & Defending Principles
  • Ball Mastery & change of direction
  • Positional Specific Practices
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Agility & speed
  • First Touch
  • Travelling with a ball
  • Shooting/Finishing
  • Passing/Striking Techniques
  • Psychology


My son benefitted hugely from Ultimate Coaching providing him with specific 1 – 1 coaching and training sessions. His improvement was evident and helped him prepare for a trial with a reputable professional club academy as a result. I therefore can’t thank Ultimate Coaching enough for the platform they provided my son to succeed.’

Judy Hayes (Parent)

Finally, our programmes provide:

  • Fun Learning Environments
  • Evaluation/Progress Reports
  • Affordable & Flexible Terms
  • Fantastic Training Locations
  • Suited for children of all abilities
  • UEFA/FA/NGB L2 Qualified Development Coaches
  • Potential Pathways to Academy Football & Elite Sport

Finally, our fees range from £35 – £45 per session due to being based on location, facility and number of sessions:
1 – 3 sessions @ £45.00 per session (Includes evaluation)
4+ sessions @ £40.00 per session (Includes evaluation)
10 sessions @ £35.00 per session (Includes evaluation)

Prices are inclusive of VAT.

To find out more information or to book your child into a programme near to you, please contact us on 01483 488212 or email scott@ultimate-coaching.co.uk. You can also book online and take a look at our other products here

Technical Performance Centres

Technical Performance Centres

What Is a Technical Performance Centre?

The programme is designed to work on the following:

  • Develop confidence through midfield and final thirds to beat an opponent
  • Improve knowledge, speed, technique and tactics to defend in 1 v 1 situations
  • Develop attacking within 1 v 1’s, creativity and positivity
  • Develop new skills and tools to be effective in 1 v 1
  • Improve decision making within 1 v 1 and learn to see pictures easier

Programmes incorporate all the above principles but are tailored more specifically to the ability of both groups which we therefore feel fast-tracks individual player development.

The sessions are offered to young players that have potential, a desire to learn and are highly coachable. The supplementary coaching model will be aligned with current playing/training commitments and is not designed to compete with team training.

TPC VenuesDaysTimes
Reed's School, Sandy Lane, Cobham, Surrey KT11 2ESMondays18:30 - 19:30

You can book your place on to a Technical Performance Centre by clicking here. If you would like more information, please call 01483 488212 or email Adam who will be more than happy to help and provide additional information.


We work closely with grassroots teams and school environments in identifying suitable players that possess the technical proficiency and the correct mentality and would therefore benefit from professional football coaching.

Each child that is identified and selected is offered a complimentary session to ensure he/she meets demonstrates the key elements through technical practices, opposed games and small sided game scenarios.


My son has benefitted hugely from the excellent coaching the TPC & Ultimate Academy has provided. The facilities, set up and organisation are to a very high standard, as parents we are extremely impressed. Big thank you to the Academy team.’
Sinead Johnson (Parent)

‘The academy set up at Ultimate Football Academy is of the highest level, I cannot praise the set up enough. My son has improved ten-fold in the time he has been involved with the academy programme. The staff go above and beyond to help in any way possible. I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for their child to improve and develop as a young footballer!’
Barrie Fitzgerald (Parent)

Elite Training Centre

Elite Training Centre

Ultimate Football Academy provide a first class Elite Training Centre designed to develop the technically gifted and talented players from U6 upwards.

Whereby all private Academy programmes refer to ‘bridging the proverbial gap’ , our model offers certain guarantees.

  • We guarantee an All round development experience for all children – Including Psychology and Injury prevention.
  • We strive to measure success and understand definitively where players need to improve.
  • Learn life skills i.e. leadership, working within a group.
  • Unique fun learning environment for local Gifted and Talented boys.

Through our relationships with professional clubs, we are able to develop new pathways for players wishing to play the highest standard possible. We are very cautious when allowing our players visit and attend professional football environments, as we have a duty of care to both the children and parents.

Whilst these experiences can prove to be very exciting and rewarding to the children, we need to ensure its an appropriate fit, the opportunity is suitably timed in accordance with school commitments and the expectations are managed.

Our Elite Performance Model allows players to receive the very best learning opportunities; away from the training model children are taught the principles of fair play, respect and social skills. Children are taught the importance of self-expression, self-reflection and essentials of attitude.